Book Review – “Tug of War”

“Tug of War” is the first book ever written in North America by an experienced court judge specifically for parents who are going through separation and divorce. Justice Harvey Brownstone has been employed in a number of legal settings where he has gained a strong knowledge base and motivation to help individuals with their problem-solving. He was a Legal Aid lawyer for criminal cases, a researcher primarily for Family Law, Director of the Family Support Plan for the province of Ontario and is presently a provincial judge in the North Toronto Family Court. His extensive experience and narrative writing style have been combined in a manner that provides a very unique and interesting read.

“Tug of war” is a 182 page work of art that is packed full of complex concepts and legal terms that are explained in a simple but comprehensive manner. The author not only provides examples to clarify difficulties that can arise for families who are involved in separation and divorce situations, but also emphasizes the fact that there are variations in the law and possible resolutions available depending on the jurisdiction in which the individuals live.

Judge Brownstone argues that emphasis should always be on what is best for the children in divorce cases. This requires a level of maturity on the part of the parents who must put the needs of their children above their own needs. He states, “Good parenting is about raising healthy , happy children, not about getting even”. (Page 169). Besides reducing stress for the children, role-modeling mature behaviour can provide a positive example not only for them, but also for the children’s other parent.

He is candid about his own feelings and the frustrations he faces as he tries to deal with difficulties that might have been avoided if those who turn to Court to resolve disputes would have chosen instead to use mature, responsible behaviours, respect and common sense.

This book addresses legal, financial, emotional, relational and social aspects of the divorce process. Besides focussing on specific terms and processes of the Court system, it also offers alternatives for developing appropriate custody, access and financial plans.

As well, the author provides a clear and realistic overview of problems that can arise when Child Welfare concerns, Criminal charges or failure to follow Court Orders occur.

As a psychologist who works with family members who are experiencing divorce, I must say that I was extremely impressed with this book. Thousands of dollars and much frustration could be saved if this was required reading for individuals before they even considered separation.

It is obvious that Judge Brownstone cares about protecting children and their rights. This is evidenced not only in words he has written but also in the fact that proceeds from sale of the book are being donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation and other children’s charities.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Manage Slip And Fall Claims

When you are looking at compensation for injuries sustained because of a slip and fall accident, keep in mind you should try to get compensation for medical bills, lost past income, lost future income, loss of job, the amount of disability, liability, and all that. Slip and fall cases lead to thousands of deaths annually, ranking next only to car accidents. If you are still in your right mind subsequent to a fall, the first step you should take is to note the addresses, names, and phone numbers of any bystander. Approach the manager or property owner accessible if the fall transpires at a store or property.

Ask them to record the event, in order that you have all the data required to make a claim. Capture photos of the accident area showing that the area was dangerous, which will provide more support to your claim and get the appropriate compensation. Subsequent to getting the proper medical treatment it is obligatory to note if a property owner is guilty for your injury by not making the area secure. A small number of instances consist of wet floors, rough/unsafe surfaces, hazardously positioned articles, and all that. If a personal injury lawyer is able to establish that the owner disregarded to repair the unsafe surface, it follows that you could be entitled for an appropriate compensation. The entire thing is christened as incident report.

If you feel your injuries are trivial, despite that discuss with a general practitioner and do what he suggests. Do not dash for, an early compensation since it can prove to be a huge blunder because as soon as you sign the agreement, the adversary will be let off the hook from the liability of any hidden losses. Take your time and after that judge if your condition has improved to what it was earlier than the accident. Whether your injuries are small or grave, consulting a personal injury lawyer will always be useful.

Thus, why do you require a personal injury lawyer? To establish the point better, just think that you got your hip injured later than a slip and fall and later preferred to settle immediately to get the compensation money. Afterward, you realize that the injury wants surgical procedure and at this point you appoint a personal injury lawyer. The surgical procedure is unproductive and you perhaps require a hip replacement someday. For that reason, your lawyer claims a compensation amount that is more than fifteen times the amount you would have expected lacking legal aid from the lawyer by settling immediately.

Moreover, take into account that nearly all insurance policies maintain a medical compensation rider that can cover a number of your expenses. In a number of cases an expert personal injury lawyer is necessary who has understanding specifically about slip and fall cases and can theoretically show if a surface was excessively smooth or dangerous. These steps are vital while managing slip and fall claims. It is important to make claims promptly and without more ado given that only fresh information can facilitate building up your claim and add to your compensation amount.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Assist Claim Compensation For Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can occur to any person and can arise from the head being hit powerfully by an object or when the brain skull is penetrated by a jagged object penetrating the brain tissue as a consequence. Moreover brain injuries differ and are distinct attributable to the type and force of the impact on the skull. In one or two cases, merely one operative part of the brain will be entailed just as in others it might be several parts or whole brain. A brain injury can result from slip and fall injury or carelessness of another person in an office, in open street or even within home surroundings.

Two distinctive kinds of brain injuries are there, which consist of Traumatic brain injury that entails states like concussion, bumps attributable to direct blows or impact to the head or shaking the head brutally and Acquired brain injury that is attributable to tumors, pollutants, anoxia (lack of oxygen) or ailments that are degenerative like Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, brain injuries can result from strangulation, choking, nearly sinking, and pressing of the spinal cord, alcohol and drug abuse. Relying upon the degree of injury to the brain the symptoms can differ from gentle, which are discriminated by puzzlement, unclear vision, humming of the ears, tastelessness and the person might lose alertness momentarily and moderate or critical that may have the comparable symptoms similar to those of a gentle ones nevertheless additionally, the person could experience lasting and terrible headaches, relentless vomiting, fits, distorted speech, loss of dexterity, unable to get up and nervousness.

A brain injury is a painful medical condition for both the injured person along with family members of the injured person. It can be exceedingly pricey financially above all in cases of critical brain injury and can in addition have an effect on relationships in a family and can lead to adjustments in family responsibilities. Moreover it will be extremely tough for the family members to admit a situation where the loved one may by no means get well completely. Quite the opposite the injured person may find him/herself helpless without others; this together with certainty that they no longer are in charge of their life can have massive emotional outcome. Adding to this the medical expenses given that the injured person would need costly medical treatment and in a few cases as well require legal fees if it has turn out to be a legal issue that requires being resolved in court it becomes a nightmarish.

It is for that reason obligatory to hire a specialist brain injury lawyer who can guide the family members if there is a necessity for legal aid. If the injury has happened because of carelessness of any third person, which can involve, negligent doctors, car drivers, property owners, drug manufactures, and the like that person could be held guilty by a court and compensation can be awarded in favor of injured party. A number of insurance covers are accessible to cover medical costs for victims, which consist of health insurance, accidental insurance, car insurance, employees insurance, and several others.

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The Legalization of Marijuana – Part 2 of 2

A very influential factor regarding the legalization of marijuana, is the cost implications of maintaining cannabis prohibition to the federal and provincial governments, and in turn the average Canadian taxpayer. According to the Auditor General of Canada, it is projected that approximately $450 million was spent on drug control, enforcement, and education in the year 2000.

Since ¾ of drug offences are marijuana related, the majority of the $450 million spent across Canada was due to cannabis prohibition laws. This expenditure also does not include funding for marijuana related court hearings, or incarcerations, as over 300 000 people are arrested for simple marijuana possession every year (Cohen et al. 2). Another issue to consider is that the amount of cannabis users continues to rise across Canada, up from 6.5% in 1989, to 12.2% in 2000 (Nabalamba, 1).

This will only increase the amount of funding the federal government is forced to contribute to drug control and enforcement, further charging the taxpayer. A more cost efficient way to regulate marijuana is to set an age limit through provincial regulation, permitting for adult use of a substance less harmful than both alcohol and tobacco. Otherwise, it is left in the hands of organized crime, with the government continuing to spend millions on its prohibition, and not profiting from its continuous increase in use. In this situation, the regulation of marijuana should not only be allowed, but would financially benefit the country.

Even after thousands of years of people using marijuana to treat a variety of medical conditions, many still believe marijuana is a drug without therapeutic value. Patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy, or AIDS related AZT therapy, found smoking marijuana to be an effective way to curb nausea (Health Canada, “Medical Marijuana”). Often it is more effective than available prescribed medications. “44% of oncologists responding to a questionnaire said they had recommended marijuana to their cancer patients; others said they would recommend it if it were legal” (Zimmer et al. 87). Other uses include control for muscle spasms associated with spinal cord injury/disease, and multiple sclerosis and pain/ weight loss associated with cancer, HIV, and arthritis patients.

Cannabis also lessens the frequency of seizures in epilepsy, and controls eye pressure in glaucoma patients (National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Drug Policy Information Sheet”). Although medical marijuana has been approved for use under certain circumstances, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain cannabis for treatment purposes in Ontario. This is because the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario issued a warning in October 2002, cautioning that the “clinical efficacy of the drug has not been entirely established” and to “proceed with caution” when prescribing cannabis (The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, “Prescribing Medical Marijuana”). Due to this, a physician cannot make a proper declaration of the risks and benefits; therefore, they can not fully inform the patient of the drugs possible effects.

Fortunately, since the legalization of marijuana for medical use occurred almost 5 years ago, one could assume a proper risk assessment of the drug will soon be completed through Health Canada. Through marijuana’s apparent medical usages, it becomes clear that it should be regulated across the country.

The implication of marijuana’s prohibition is financially devastating to the federal government. As false social perceptions are the only grounds for this ban to be upheld, and the medical sciences continue to find new usages for cannabis as therapeutic treatment, it remains unfounded to continue its outlaw. Through government enforced regulation, it becomes obvious that the benefits of marijuana legalization outweigh the disadvantages.

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Assistive Technology An Independent Life For Everyone

Not depending on others is very important for every human being. As technology progresses everyday and the development includes specially designed devices and equipment, everyone can now enjoy an independent life style. Even people with disabilities can have a better life, avoiding frustration or incapacity to communicate. Assistive technology is for a great help for those who need to feel secure when they are by themselves, even if they have certain disabilities. Our assistive technology products meet their needs and offer an alternative for a better life. Communication for example, is one of the biggest problems for people with disabilities, but our assistive technology products make it easier. Even if your problem is about hearing, seeing or moving around, the solutions we offer can solve any type of problem related to physical challenges.

We also offer you a great variety of products as furniture, software, workstations or switches, specially created for an independent living. You can enjoy assistive technology products in your own house and anywhere you go, avoiding frustrations and difficulties you were exposed to before. Assistive technology is even for people who suffer from Parkinson, Lou Getring’s Disease aka Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Multiple Sclerosis. All the products we recommend are easy to use, the technology being adapted to every special need. Now, deaf-blind people will be able to communicate between themselves or with other people because assistive technology makes it possible.

If you want to make your children’s life easier, now you can do it with the help of special communication software or CDs that contains all kinds of information about social activities. Eating out, shopping, transportation are some of the social activities children need to learn about before they go out. This and some other assistive technology products can help your children have a better, independent life, even if they have some disabilities. It’s important to mention that these teaching products are not only for children, but also for people who have found themselves, all of a sudden, in the undesirable situation of an accident that has affected their health.

Our furniture is designed for people who need better access in the kitchen, bathroom or in the bedroom and for those who need special workstations in their homes or offices. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable at your desk anymore, because now you have the perfect solution, easily accessible through an online order.

In one word, assistive technology is for those who want to raise the standard of living, for those who need to increase the quality of life because an independent living is now possible through technology. This is why our products come to meet your special needs, helping you achieve what you want.

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